Sitting in the dark with the only illumination being provided by the glow of a computer screen, is a young kid who is interested in a world not often available in main stream media. In a time before Google we had to rely on our local stores to provide us with the sci-fi our little nerd hearts craved. Even today you still have to search site by site to find small individual programs to fill the passion we have to learn more and be involved in the worlds we love. Enter Geek By Numbers (GBN)! GBN is wanting to become the entertainment hub for all your nerdy/geeky needs. Our desire is to have one location where you can find new and exciting shows, discover a new passion, and learn more about the geek community around you.


Where the heck did this idea come from? Geek By Numbers is a group of nerds, actors, models, and performers who have decided to join forces for the greater good! The concept for all of our established shows to get together, support each other, and help our individual businesses grow came from Robb. Our first combined show as GBN was broadcast July 2016 at the geek convention in Minneapolis, MN called CONvergence. Since then we have all had guest spots on each others shows and done other live events to promote our organization. As of December we have completed our LLC to make GBN a full reality. Now it’s time to get to know the crew.


Best 3some Ever is a podcast focused on keeping you informed on all new and upcoming geek media in popular culture. Kevin, Robb and Nick are your hosts who have been working together for years at the MN Renaissance Festival performing a standup/insult show. Their chemistry allows them to cover a range of topics and keep it entertaining along the way. What is new? Take a listen and check them out!


Late 2 The Party is a podcast that is a good introduction to the nerd world. Bernadette is the fresh face learning the ways of the force while Robb and Joe test their knowledge to see who is the better teacher. Along with the buzzer that halts all conversation to explain the current topic, there are battles pitting one nerddom against another, and much more.


Digital & Vellum is a Booktube channel that focuses on all aspects of written word. Crystal’s brain child has grown to now include her partner in crime Shannon as they keep up on the newest books, battle them against other media formats, and generally anything else they can come up with to talk about books. Grab a drink and get ready to laugh with the girls.


The Lair is our newest project. It is a web series currently in production and will be released 2017. Have you ever wondered what it is like a day in the life of an evil villain? The Lair is a work-place comedy about Super-Villains finding themselves while trying to fund Deathrays and keeping the world away from the Heroes. Producers/writers Kevin, Ian and Meghan create a witty and snarky show that will leave you rolling on the floor. In fact keep an eye out and you will notice others from the GBN crew putting their evilest foot forward.


With all this going on you are probably wondering where your donations are going. At this point plans are in place to divide everything up between the different shows as well as planning for the future of GBN. That means equipment, licensing, legal fun stuff, advertising, and eventually possibly even paying our actors. Our hope is to continue to advance our internet presence and work on building the mothership of GBN. There are plans of attending future conventions where we can meet more people and get our names out there. Long term we have a couple other shows in mind, so keep an eye out and make sure to follow all of us individually as well.